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Veterans Job Search API

Please note: Although the Veterans Job Bank will be moving and will no longer support the JobPosting standard, this API will still continue to function using the JobPosting standard for the foreseeable future.

The Veterans Job Search API allows third party websites to submit a job search to the NRD, and receive an XML of the search results.  Please note, this API was not designed to add jobs to the job bank.  To add jobs to the Veterans Job Bank, please see the instructions for employers.

Please note that applications must be appropriate for the Veteran community and not attempt to monetize the search results.  Please contact the webmaster at and provide the url of your application and a summary of your application.  The job search API requires basic authentication.  Developers can access the feed by first creating a public user account at  API calls should include the basic authentication of the developer in the request header.


Query Params:

  • q  == Keywords
    • EX: q=security+guard
  • moc == MOC code as defined by each military branch.
    • EX: moc=12
    • EX: moc=3531
    • EX: moc=250X
  • location == Location/ Takes city and state, state, or 5 digit ZIP
    • EX: location=Arlington%2C+VA
    • EX: location=VA
    • EX: location=22201
  • includeNearbyCities == Defined only to include nearby cities. Omit from query to get exact location match.
    • EX: includeNearbyCities=1
  • datePosted == Used to limit to a certain time since job posted. Specified in number of days.
    • EX: datePosted=30
  • sort == Defined only for sorting by datePosted. Omit from query to get results sorted by relevancy
    • sort=jobposting-dateposted
  • order == Ascending or Descending order. Used only when sorting by datePosted
    • EX: order=asc
    • EX: order=desc (default)
  • offset == To get next result set. Results provided in batches of 10. First page of results is offset=0
    • EX: offset=10
  • jobposting-industry == job sector (not live in production)
    • EX: jobposting-industry=IT
  • jobposting-occupationalcategory == a grouping of similar occupations (not live in production)
    • EX: jobposting-occupationalcategory=Sales


Full example query, searching for managers in Arlington, VA and it's surrounding cities, limited to jobs posted within the last 60 days, newest jobs first:


Returns XML results

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